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This contact window is specialized for data recovery such as account being reset, unknown transfer ID/password and etc. Please enter as much of the following information as possible in order for us to determine your account's usage record: Club Name, Transfer ID, Account ID, GB Purchase History. For the other items as well, the information we received will be verified for identification purposes so kindly provide details as much as you can. Please note that we may be unable to provide your Transfer ID and password if we received insufficient information. Kindly enter "Unknown" if you do not know any of the "Required items."

For example: iPhoneX , SO-01J (Xperia XZ)

For Example: iOS 13.0.0, Android 9.0.0

Please enter the【User ID】 that use in searching "Friend". ※It is consisting of 9 numerical characters.

Please select "Options" from "三" mark in the lower right of "HOME" screen > Select "Account Transfer Setting" > Your transfer ID, and copy your Transfer ID and paste it here.

Please enter the 【Transfer ID】 that displayed in the Account Transfer Setting. ※It is consisting of alphanumeric characters.

Please enter the 12 alphanumeric characters listed next to "Account" in the upper left corner of the application launch screen.

Sample Entry: November 1 around 12:30 UTC . (As much as possible, please provide us with your specific timezone)

Please enter the number of purchased GB (or purchase price) and purchase date. You can also send us screenshots of relevant purchase invoices that were sent to your email linked to the app store. If not purchased, please enter "None".

Please enter this information only if you are using an Android device that has purchased "GB".

For example,1 Years 6 Months 1 Weeks.

List more than 3 players in the team.

Year and month of "Premium Scouting" and the acquired players' names.

Enter "year" and "month".

Enter "month" and "date".

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    ‧ Please note that we will not entertain inquiries relating to game strategy.
    ‧ Product ideas and event proposals will not be entertained.
    ‧ Please note that we only provide support in English.
    ‧ Please do not reprint or use the contents of the reply message in full or in part for other purposes.